Зеленият списък

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Както обещах, днес ще споделя с вас своя Зелен списък. Вдъхновенитето за него дойде, след като прочетох "Да спиш гола е зелено". Много от точките са взаимствани от книгата, някои са изменени, а трети съм добавила от себе си. 
Сигурна съм, че и вие, като мен, изпълнявате част от списъка без да влагате много мисъл и бихте маркирали от раз половината, но за други се иска малко повече време, търпение и средства. 
Трябва да се замисляме за взаимовръзките около нас и това, че един наш избор може да предопредели съдбата на цели екосистеми. 
Ще се радвам, ако дадете някои ваши зелени идеи, с които да допълним точките поне до 100, а и ако имате забележки, ще се радвам да ги споделите. 

  1. Changing all my light bulbs to CFLs;
  2. Use glass bottles for water at home;
  3. Recycle plastics bottles and other plastics;
  4. Recycle used batteries;
  5. Recycle paper;
  6. Use only biodegradable bags for the garbage bins;
  7. Turn the lights off in the room, if I’m not there;
  8. Unplug anything that isn't in use;
  9. Reuse all glass jars or recycle them;
  10. Be careful about how much water I use; I have to only turn on the tabs at a "trickle" when I wash my hands or brush my teeth;
  11. Use biodegradable kitchen sponge cloth;
  12. Use biodegradable kitchen sponge;
  13. Use eco-friendly dish detergent;
  14. Use a natural laundry detergent;
  15. Use biodegradable liquid soap for hands;
  16. Use recycled toilet paper;
  17. Use natural air freshener;
  18. Shut down my computer every time I don’t use it.
  19. Not order food by delivery;
  20. Use more less the iron;
  21. Keep the light in the bathroom off each morning while I take a shower and brush my teeth;
  22. Take showers with lukewarm, rather than hot water (unless I am sick);
  23. Put a bottle of water in the toilet tank to reduce the amount used per flush;
  24. Use “green” baking soda in place of harsher chemicals like bleach, when I clean my home;
  25. Get indoor plants;
  26. Wear my clothes twice or more, as long as they’re not dirty and smelly, before I put them in the washer machine;
  27. Soak my dishes so less water is needed to clean the tough stuff off;
  28. Navy showers;
  29. Not use soap to wash my dishes unless there’s oil residue;
  30. Use a broom and dustpan instead of a vacuum;
  31. Use a fake Christmas tree;
  32. Use cold water for washing my hands and my face;
  33. Usе tote bags, no more plastic bags;
  34. Make To-Do lists only in my iPod and Listography;
  35. Buy E-reader;
  36. Drink only loose tea;
  37. Use recycled paper;
  38. Buy clothes from Second hand shops;
  39. Use recyclable toothbrush;
  40. No more bottled water or I will have to recycle the bottles;
  41. Use online payment methods for my bills;
  42. Not use paper towels and hand-dryers in public bathrooms;
  43. Educate myself about environmental issues;
  44. Stop chewing bubble gums;
  45. Let my hair air dry;
  46. Use more less the elevator;
  47. Raise environmental awareness through stickers, blogs and other media;
  48. Use electronic card for public transit and more less the paper tickets;
  49. Not use any more straws;
  50. Cut my hair and keep it short (so I need less product);
  51. Use a thermos for coffee and tea, when I go out;
  52. Print on both sides of the page;
  53. Bring my own reusable bib to the dentist;
  54. Drink straight from the bottle;
  55. No more highlighters;
  56. Vote for Green party;
  57. Drink bio Fairtrade coffee;
  58. Drink bio tea;
  59. Buy bio Fairtrade chocolate;
  60. Drink bio Fairtrade hot chocolate;
  61. Eat bio icecream;
  62. Eat bio honey;
  63. Eat organic muesli;
  64. Eat bio vegetables;
  65. Eat bio fruits;
  66. Eat organic meat, every time that is possible;
  67. Eat only pure meat, not a sausages and salami;
  68. Eat meat once a week or don’t eat meat at all;
  69. Eat free range eggs;
  70. Eat more local food;
  71. Stop sodas;
  72. Not consume anything that contains or is manufactured with genetically modified corn (ie. high-fructose corn syrup, corn starch, ethanol, corn-fed beef, etc);
  73. Use bio raw sugar;
  74. Use bio flour;
  75. Buy organic yogurt;
  76. Consume organic dairy every time that is possible;
  77. Use natural soap;
  78. Use organic face mask;
  79. Use organic face tonic;
  80. Use organic face wash gel;
  81. Use organic body lotion;
  82. Use organic shower gel;
  83. Use organic shampoo;
  84. Use organic conditioner;
  85. Use natural hair mask;
  86. Use a natural toothpaste;
  87. Use natural lip balm;
  88. Use organic face cream;
  89. Use organic hand cream;
  90. Make my own cosmetics products;
  91. Wear more natural/orgаnic makeup.

Искам да споделя с вас и още една моя страст - Listography

Аз обожавам да си правя различни списъци и to-do листове, а това е сайт с много опростен дизайн, който позволява именно това. ^^

Утре очаквайте "Какво има в чантата ми?".


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